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Most of us have realized that we have trauma.


We feel it when our significant other or someone we love says certain things; and then we find ourselves shutting down, blowing up, or freezing.


We know that it's affecting our ability to connect, but we just don't know how to change it. 















You may be completely hopeful about the future OR tired of all your attempts at healing



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You need practical, simple, and clear things to implement in your life that will not only help you heal, but also empower you to be supportive as your significant other navigates their own inner battles.


You don’t need to just sit and talk about your past, you need tools for the now. You need “TRIGGERED”, our 6 week coaching program which is meant to do everything mentioned and more. 

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Have we met?

We are passionate about marriage, relationships, and connection because this is how we create healthy environments that are emotionally whole & prosperous. This will lead to a better world for all of us. We are both certified life coaches who have worked with loads of clients through our own separate avenues. 


For two years, we’ve walked clients through abandonment, fear, neglect, abuse, anger issues, marital issues, and countless other dysfunctions.


We, Millers both attended a ministry school that totally transformed our emotional landscape while also giving us tools to help others. I, Aclesia, have a bachelors in interpersonal communication & we have both spent countless dollars on our own personal healing experiences and counseling & therapy. You can trust us to be honest and loving cheerleaders as we support you through this course. 

If you have emotional trauma in your background that you want to heal & master without feeling overwhelmed, then TRIGGERED is for you!


This is perfect for new couples, frustrated couples, and happy couples who want to improve their connection. This is also great for singles who want tools to thrive in their current and future relationships. 


You’ll learn how to live above your triggers and support the people you love through theirs. You’ll do inner work that has the potential to impact every aspect of your life.

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This is how its going down....


$997 Value


$2497 Value

There are BONUSES!

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$697 Value

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Total Value $4191.00



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How much time is required?

1-2 hours per week. 

 I already did counseling & therapy. How is this different?

Counseling & therapy is HUGE and is such a great resource, but triggered is a FOCUSED experience that is intended to give you tools and action steps to make your relationships better. Oftentimes, our clients find more breakthrough in working with us because we are able to bring clarity and move them through the process of healing more quickly. 

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You will have 24 hour email access to us throughout your time in TRIGGERED.

Additionally, we offer breakthrough sessions that you are able to request at any time for an added fee. This will be available at a discounted rate while you are in the program. 


 Is there a community with this product? 

YES, you will receive access to a private FB community which will act as an additional support throughout your time in the program. 

Can I as a single person do this?

Absolutely! We welcome singles to do this.


When will the course start?

December 6th is when you will have access to the course, and bi-weekly calls will begin.  

What days will meetings be on?

The times and dates of meetings will be decided by the group, but will take place during common times that people are off work in the US. Recordings will always be uploaded to your portal in the case that you have to miss a session. 

Is everything available immediately?

The full program will be available Dec.6 

How long do I have access to the materials?

FOREVVVA! *Cardi B voice*

Is there a refund policy?

You will receive a refund up to 7 days after purchasing this course.

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