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Heal To Thrive


Have you struggled to say no?

Have you found that your past keeps showing up in the present?​

Are you overworked because you don’t want to say no at your job?

Do you find yourself giving too much?

here's what you'll get:

Four weekly group coaching sessions

Four Weekly Healing Guides

VIP:(2) 1:1 healing coaching session

"your boundaries are

an extension of your love

for yourself"


This program is going to equip you with all that you need to show up authentically in your relationships!

In a month’s time, you could have the tools that you need to stand in your worth and confidence in such a way that liberates you within relationships.


Imagine what it would feel like to only say YES when you truly want without guilt or shame and to have a deeper and more meaningful marriage because you know how to communicate your needs and wants, therefore having them met. Imagine feeling so loved because you have people in your life who show up for you because they know how to.


The boundaries intensive is a four week group coaching program created for beautiful women who struggle with saying no. This program is going to equip you with all that you need to show up authentically in your relationships.

The four group sessions will be a deep dive into what has caused you to struggle to set boundaries. In addition, we will take principles of boundaries and implement them. We will get to take the tools shared in “the boundaries class” and apply them to your personal circumstance.


The four weekly guide’s will help you dive into the tools on your own time to further help you in your boundary setting.

Email access to Aclesia is so that you feel supported throughout the program and can ask questions as needed. The optional 1:1 coaching session add on is available to anyone who feels the need to have a one on one healing coaching session to process through any deeper wounds or difficulties that arise as you progress.

Here is what a client had to say about one

of my group workshops;

You have been the best guide on this journey for us and so reassuring. You created

a safe space for me and everyone else to open up and say how we feel without being judged, Thank you for helping me feel comfortable and not alone in my wanting to be perfect. The way that you separated and organized the content in those three weeks

was like a natural progression, the flow was easy and built off of the previous week.

I liked how in the last week you invited us in more to your journey of breaking perfect. That was cool to me because you did such a great job up until that point establishing yourself as a relatable subject matter expert but in that last workshop, it was like you invited us in a little bit more to drive the point home that this really is a process and

no one is perfect at not being perfect and loving yourself. I really liked the

transformation guides too. The activities were thoughtful and really transformative;

they were not a waste of time at all. Thank you again, Aclesia! You truly are gifted and I cannot express my gratitude enough for this series.

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