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Racial Awakening

Can you imagine an America that is rid of racism and discrimination?

And can you imagine feeling being apart of that change?


After going through this course you'll be able to…

  • Have productive conversations surrounding race. 

  • Know how to play your part in ending racism.

  • Feel confident in your ability to overcome obstacles to the change that you want to see.

Introducing Racial Awakening. A course sure to help you be the change that we know our world needs.

"This course is based on biblical principles and kingdom vision. This course is set apart and sure to empower and equip you for a lifetime of meaningful cross cultural conversations and connections. "

Here is what you get


* 4 live modules

* Recordings


Meet The Founders

When you see racial tensions in America, are you…..

Feeling helpless and disheartened?

Ready to do your part?

Wondering what you can do to help?

The realization that our country needs is inside of you!


We are here to help you unlock it. 

get signed up today

We are Jon & Aclesia Miller

and we can not wait to meet you. 

Racial awakening is an initiative to end racism through education and activation. The goal is to equip those who choose to be ally’s, for racial conversations and cross cultural relationships. 


Two years ago, Jon and I were asked to teach a class on racial reconciliation for the company that we both worked for. That was the start of something that we knew was bigger than us. We didn’t know that the world would experience the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor to name a few. All we knew was that we needed to say YES to equipping communities, companies, and corporations who are tired of seeing racial injustices.

This is for you if…..


You’re heart is moved by the struggle of minorities within our country. 


You know that standing on the sidelines wont cut it for you. 


Now is the time! We must leave our children a better world than this.



When will the class start?

We will send out a survey to allow the entire group to sign up for times based on availability. 


What will be covered in the course?

American history, learning to see through someone else’s lens, The Imago Dei, Ask us anything (Q&A)

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