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Do everything that God has called you to do, and let go of the fear of failing, impostor syndrome, and living in your head. Heal from the past without constantly feeling like you're not enough. TIME IS UP on playing it small. Its time to LAUNCH into YOUR next level.

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group coaching program

Whats included:

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Your investment
$2000 VALUE

here is what clients are saying

Breaking perfect really helped me identify the pressures that I was placing on myself to perfect and gave me the confidence to let go. The tools provided through the workshop, I use everyday throughout my mental health journey. 

Tillanye S.

breaking perfect


Breaking up with judgement

 Healing your triggers + Reparenting

 Self discovery + awareness 

Forgiveness & letting go of the past

Life systems

Relationship with God 101

 Self care basics


Perspective + Overcoming fear

 Vision Mapping

Launching your dream

Self branding: Who are you going to be?

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